This sample Home Inspection Report was done to give you an idea of what you can expect when you get your home inspection report. All reports are normally completed the same day and in 98 percent of the inspections done they are delivered to the customer the same day by email. In some cases customers want hard copies which have to be printed and hand delivered or mailed to the customer.

Pictures are included as per the sample, sometimes more or less pictures are included depending on the condition of the structure. A picture is usually always included if more explanation is needed than can be done in written form or if I feel the customer may be confused with just a written description.

With every inspection, every effort will be made on your behalf to find all defects but you must realize that your inspection will be a visual inspection only. If a defect can’t be seen or if it can’t be predicted then it can’t be part of the inspection.

Browse this report and see what you should expect when you order a home inspection from Preferred Property Inspections, LLC.

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Download Sample Home Inspection Report