Mr. Collins was the home inspector we wish we’d had on each of our home purchases. Personable and professional. He performed a detailed comprehensive inspection and emailed us the report within 2 hours! He answered all the questions we had about the house and its systems. We would definitely call him again and also recommend him to anyone looking for a GREAT home inspector in the Somerset area. And no, we are not family or friends. Just a couple looking to move to this area and really glad he was one of the inspectors our realtor recommended.
Shaun Silver

First of all, let me say I am a single woman buying a 30 year old home with limited knowledge of electrical, plumbing or other construction details.  It is very hard these days to find professionals who actually show up when they say they will or who actually do the job you are paying them to do. I did not have that problem with Preferred Property Inspections. Mr. Collins was the ultimate professional and answered all my questions thoroughly. He returned my emails and phone calls very promptly prior to and after the inspection. He arrived on 7/17/20 about 30 minutes early and was already on the roof before I arrived. I accompanied him on the entire inspection except for the roof. We covered every square foot of the home, including going into the attic and under the floor together. He pointed out to me any problem areas that he discovered and gave suggestions about what I could do to have it fixed. He did not talk down to me despite the differences in our knowledge. He described everything to me as I went along on the inspection with him. I was impressed that he actually wanted me to do it with him as I would think for most inspectors that would be a hassle or would slow them down. He was very organized and was able to do the inspection in a timely manner. He had a camera/tablet going the entire time. I learned a lot and it was a very pleasant experience. It took about 4 hours to inspect a home/garage with about 2000 sq. feet.  When we were done I had a full report, almost 50 pages with photos emailed to me before the day was over.  I would highly recommend Mr. Collins for any property inspections that you may need done. I feel secure in purchasing the property now thanks to Mr. Collins.
C. Daniel
Oneida, TN

I am very pleased with the service provided. The inspection was very thorough. He had many pictures included in the report for reference, and when I had any questions he was very helpful in explaining anything I didn’t understand.

Deeply knowledgeable in his field of expertise. Extremely thorough, meticulous and focus on his inspections, complimented by a complete detailed report of property within a timely manner.  Excellent work ethics, very professional and  courteous.  An Inspector you need on your team who has your best interest in mind.
Ignacio Hermosillo

Mr. Collins,
I would like to thank you again for the excellent job you did on inspecting the home that I will purchase in a few weeks  I found you to be very knowledgeable and thorough.  You inspection literally saved me thousands of dollars in repair cost.  I feel I cant make this recommendation strong enough, I am so pleased with the job you did for me and the recommendations you shared with me.  Thanks again .
O. Rick Webster

Good Morning, Mr. Collins –
I wanted to let you know I received your report.  I am very impressed with how thorough it is as well as helpful with all the pictures. This was my first experience in having a home inspection done and I appreciated your professionalism and patience with all my questions. Your knowledge is extremely thorough, all the tips you gave me about how the heat pump operates and other maintenance were great.  After your inspection I feel 100% more confident in making a decision to complete the purchase of this home.  You did a wonderful job and I would highly recommend your services to any one needing a home inspection.  I can’t “Thank You” enough.  Have a great day.
Denice Branham  

Mr. Collins, I just looked at my email. Sometimes if I am too busy it may be weeks before I check my email. As my husband and I told you when you came to our house after you inspected the building for us on Main Street, we love the thorough, very detailed, and very picky property inspections you do for us. We absolutely love your reports!!! We have come to rely on your reports to help us crunch the numbers to assess if the properties we are interested in will give us a good return on our investments. Never change how you do your property inspections for us!!! We need every detail that you can find. The more information you have for us, the better. The inspection reports you do for us provide us with a list of things to fix in priority order for years to come. We always refer back to your inspection reports. They are very valuable to us. We hope that you will always be our property inspector. My husband and I are planning to buy alot more properties here in London, and we will always call you to inspect the properties for us. We rely on your reports to tell us the truth about what the issues are with each property. We have decided to buy the last two properties you inspected for us, we are in escrow right now. When we pay those two properties off, it should take about two years, maybe less time, then we will look around for more properties to buy and we will need your expertise to help us. We cannot state how strongly we rely on you. You do the best home inspections we have ever seen. Thank you for your assistance.
Jade and Alan Oster

Hi Mr. Collins – Thanks so much for the reminder. I placed the following review on Angie’s List and Yelp. I cannot give you enough praise. The situation has not resolved itself. Of course, the contractor does not want to fix anything noted in the report or do any of the remaining work. I tried to send him a punch list but his email is “out of service” and his construction company is not listed anywhere in Kentucky that I can find. I am of the opinion that a person must be very low to take advantage of an elderly person like he did. Again, thanks for much for everything.
My elderly uncle hired a contractor to perform some remodeling on his home. The contractor repeatedly asked to be paid the balance on the work without having actually completed it. I live in Florida and the home is in Kentucky. I hired Preferred to do a home inspection with particular emphasis on the remodeling work. The inspection was completed promptly and very thoroughly. When I explained our situation, he accepted the assignment and traveled quite a distance to inspect the home for us. His report was completed and sent to me the same day. I was treated very well by Mr. Collins and he helped make an unacceptable situation much better. I highly recommend him for any of your home inspection needs.
Helen McCann

Good morning, Mr. Collins. We just wanted to let you know we greatly
appreciate your services and will be sure to recommend you to anyone we know
who is purchasing a home. Below is a testimonial that you’re welcome to use
on your website if you’d like.

We worked with Preferred Property Inspections for both the sale of our
current home (our buyers referred him to us) and the purchase of our new
home. Mr. Collins was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and unbiased
throughout both inspections. My husband and I were both present for the
inspection of our new home, and we were greatly impressed with the level of
thoroughness provided. He answered any and all questions and we found the
whole process to be very educational as he patiently explained any issues
found and provided suggestions on how they could be corrected. We feel much
better going into our new home purchase with clear knowledge of potential
issues. A detailed report was provided the same day and was extremely easy
to follow with color pictures and notation indicating what needed immediate
attention/repair vs. things to keep an eye on. We could not be more pleased
with Mr. Collins’ services and highly recommend Preferred Property
Brandon and Tara Wagers

On May 4, 2017 I contracted with Preferred Property Inspections (PPI) to perform a complete home inspection for me on a home I was thinking of buying. That inspection was, in fact, completed in a timely, very thorough, and professional manner. They methodically inspected all key aspects and elements of the house, took many pictures along the way of potential problem areas, and provided me with a very detailed report of their findings after the inspection was completed.
In short, I was, and continue to be, very favorably impressed with their thoroughness and professionalism. I highly recommend PPI to anyone in need of complete property inspection services. My favorable opinion is perhaps best evidenced by the fact that I will be asking PPI to do another inspection for me in the near future, since I chose not to proceed with the purchase the first one they evaluated for me.
May 13, 2017
David Bryant
Cell phone: 606-872-7688

“Mr. Collins is highly professional and very thorough. He allowed me to
accompany him during the inspection and fully explained all findings as
observed. He pointed out issues that were urgent as well as things to keep
an eye on in the future. The report was well written and noted all findings
with pictures and comments from the inspector.”
Ronald Caudill

“Hi Charles, thanks for sending the inspection report. As soon as we lock
down a closing date, I will be contacting Edwin about the crawl space and
foundation repairs.
I am a retired real estate agent and have attended numerous home inspections
and reviewed hundreds of home inspection reports. Mr. Collins is by far the
most professional and thorough inspector I have encountered. He methodically
checked all aspects of the home, patiently explained items that require
attention, and prepared a very detailed inspection report with a valuable
summary of items needing immediate attention. The report he provides serves
as a valuable tool for planning deferred maintenance and safety improvements
on your new home. I can’t stress enough how important a good home inspection
is when purchasing property. I would highly recommend Mr. Collins”
Linda Pullekines

It certainly was a pleasure meeting you today. I just completed reviewing
your report and I must say that I was rather impressed with your depth of
detail. If I decide to proceed with the possible purchase of this property,
I am now in a much better position from which to make a offer.
We sincerely appreciate you knowledge, expertise, and perhaps most of all,
your willingness to take the time to answer our questions.”
Thanks again,
Tom Kostelnik

“Thank you so very much Mr. Collins. I had not had the opportunity to get back with you until now. Your services have been superb and above all expectations! Your expertise, thoroughness and the fact that you are impartial to the sale make the experience and service a value! I most assuredly would be happy to provide any references on your behalf. Feel free to post this on your review board!”
Kelli Kaltenbach

“My husband and I recently had our home inspection completed by Mr. Charles Collins, with Preferred Property Inspections. Words can’t express how pleased we both were with his services. Mr. Collins agreed to complete our inspection very last minute after our local inspector had to cancel due to an illness. We needed a home inspector with a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience as our potential home is almost 4,000 sq feet and built in 1896. Mr. Collins with PPI exceeded our expectations. He requested we be present during the inspection so he could show and explain things to us. He was extremely professional, friendly, patient, and willing to answer all of our questions. He went above and beyond to say the least. To help us meet contract deadlines, Mr. Collins completed the inspection and the report in the same day. I can’t imagine another inspector working as hard as he did to help a home buyer. We are very thankful for the service he provided and are now well informed home buyers because he went the extra mile. I would highly recommend everyone use Preferred Property Inspections. We can’t say enough great things about PPI and Mr. Collins”
The Merritt Family
Campbellsville, Ky

Thanks again for your diligence when performing our home inspection. From start to finish, you fulfilled our requests and ensured we got all the info needed to assist us in understanding the integrity of our potential home and any issues may be present.
I truly appreciated the education as you happily allowed us to tag along and learn about the inspection process. We appreciated your thoroughness as you went over every aspect of the home with us. We learned a lot and glad we chose you to help us in this process.”
Thanks again,
Kristopher Gibson
Refinery Manager
Continental Refining Company LLC
300 Refinery Road
Somerset, KY 42501

“Hi Charles,
I have wrote a review of your work performed and you may use it on your website if you would like.
The home inspection done by PPI and Charles was beyond what I thought it would be. This was my first home buying and inspection experience and Charles went above and beyond it making sure I felt comfortable with all the information he provided on site and in the report. He was very professional in the work he performed and made sure to spend adequate time in teaching me how certain items work and where important features were located. He was very organized as well, starting on the outside and then going to the inside of the home. He spent a lot of time going through the small details in each space he was inspecting. He was very prompt in providing the report on the same day as the inspection, which was great! After the inspection and results I felt comfortable using PPI’s results to make a decision on the stability of the home and its features. I would highly recommend PPI to anyone in search of a home inspection!”
Chelsea Felts
ABC Automotive Systems, Inc.
145 Corporate Drive
London, Ky 40741
606-878-2022 ext 2040

“Charles was a true professional; he showed up early and was very detailed. He spend a lot of time up on the roof, in basement, in the crawl space, and in the attic making sure to explain and show us everything he found along the way. Given the home is an old vacant lake home, he found a lot of items, both big and small, and clearly explained each of them with pictures in the report he emailed the same day! I would highly recommend Charles and wouldn’t hesitate to use his services again.”
Ryan Mosbaugh

“If you are buying or selling we would highly recommend Preferred Property Inspections. Charles was very professional, prompt and thorough.
He gave us a complete detailed analysis of all items needing attention on the property we were buying. We received the information the same day the inspection was done.
We have bought and sold several properties over the years. PPI is the best inspection company we have ever worked with.”

Don & Debbie Padgett : 513-683-1815

“Thank you so much! What a great experience for Jordan and I. We learned so much during the home inspection and the report was so detailed that what we may have forgotten from the day it is right there in the report. Charles really helped to put our minds at rest before going on to invest in a home for our family. I would be glad to recommend Preferred Property Inspections to anyone who really wants to know in depth about a building or home. Again, thank you for everything!”
Jordan Stockton and LaTasia Cecil, Kentucky

“Mr. Collins performed a thorough inspection of the home I am buying. His prompt arrival ahead of schedule, despite his one hour drive time, allowed time to discuss the home and expectations. Throughout the day he continually educated me on matters relating to everything from anchor bolts, crawl spaces, electrical, roofing, heat pumps, septic, mice, attic issues and even water heater standards. He gave me confidence in the purchase and the knowledge to better prepare the home from future damage. Mr. Collins was very professional and considerate. He has the gift of teaching and does so without demeaning you. He went above and beyond during the inspection and agreed to assess a tractor the seller offered us. Without him, we would have paid too much for a potential money pit.
Having a home inspected is taxing as you don’t want to make the mistake of buying a money pit. However, Mr. Collins made us feel very comfortable and confident we were doing the right thing. I highly recommend his services. In fact I wouldn’t send my family or friends to anyone else. He’s well worth the wait and you get what you pay for!”

Amber Bunch

I just wanted to say thank you for the thorough job you performed inspecting the home we are looking to purchase. I would be happy to refer you to any future home buyers I come across. You can also use me as a reference at this email address and telephone number (270)566-1100. I appreciate your time.”
Travis Morrison

Thank you very much for the inspection report on the above mentioned property. You were absolutely right…..I WAS VERY impressed with your professionalism and I thought your inspection report was very high tech, detailed, accurate, illustrative (pictures & arrows), and done in a nature as to point out issues without ‘bias’. I feel like you gave me the information I needed to help me make an informed decision without being overly “picky” or offensive to the builder.
I do, in fact now have some issues I want to discuss with the Seller and am using your report at the moment as a review document with some unbiased home builders here in Utah as well as in KY in order to try within the week with issues which I believe should (and even must) be corrected by the seller, and those which I am willing to repair myself or hire to have repaired. After the analysis, I am going to make a request for such repairs by the Seller and a reasonable discount in the selling price to help remunerate me for a portion of the costs I will incur to correct those issues I think I can do myself or can have done by others.
I am VERY PLEASED with your report, timeliness, knowledge and thoroughness. I would be happy if you could use this response in anyway in your advertising or on your Website to let other prospective clients know how impressed I was with your work. Thank you very much for your professionalism and in-depth knowledge. I would highly recommend you to others in need of home inspection services.
Additionally, I found your fees to be very reasonable and realistic, especially in relationship to the effort you put into the inspection and the informed clarity, explanations and graphics of your report. Your’s was a report which could be understood by a normal home buyer as well as a professional home builder or architect.
Should any of your potential clients wish to speak with me further, please let me know how I can contact them (preferably email), and I would be happy to do so.”
David Stettler</ br>
Salt Lake City Area, Utah

“Being single means I have a lot of decisions to make on my own. Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions I have had to make and this was made easier through the services of Charles Collins and Preferred Property Inspections. PPI came highly recommended and after speaking with Charles, I see why. He had a competitive estimate and suggested I join him for the inspection. I had never thought about joining an inspector, but it made perfect sense. Charles not only inspected the home from top to bottom (literally), but took time to explain all aspects of mechanical things such as the shut off valve for the water and the main electric breaker (which was not located in an obvious place). He offered practical advice about how to avoid problems that might arise and how to deal with emergency situations that might arise in a home. While the home got a positive inspection, I gathered a lot of useful information that I will follow up on. For each item that needed attention, he was patient to explain how it could be mended or improved. I felt confident in all of his recommendations and the report was so detailed it will remind me of the details of our discussion. I would recommend Preferred Property Inspections to anyone who needs a home inspection.”
Jackie Rogers

“I needed a home inspection for a house I am purchasing but I didn’t know anyone in this type of business so I got the phone number for Preferred Property Inspections, & Radon Testing from the yellow pages. The phone was answered fast and Charles was very friendly. I was pleasantly surprised that I could get the inspection just a day later, I was expecting at least a week’s wait. He arrived ahead of time and did an extremely thorough inspection. He not only pointed out things that had issues but he suggested ways to fix them. If I ever need another home inspection I wouldn’t call anyone else and highly recommend them to anyone needing this type of service.”
Tony Tupman

“To whom it may concern:
We had the distinct pleasure of leveraging Charles Collins from Preferred Property Inspections, LLC located in Somerset, KY for a recent vacation home inspection in Monticello, KY in January 2014. This is not our first home inspection, however after our terrific experience working with Charlie Collins, we felt compelled to let other potential buyers or sellers know what an amazing and thorough job he did for us. Charlie is so easy to work with and truly enjoys what he does. He takes such personal interest to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible. He is so calm and very knowledgable putting us at ease. Buying a home is such a huge investment and a major financial decision. As a buyer you really need to know what you may be getting into with your eyes wide open. Charlie is so detailed and was in no hurry. He wanted to spend as much time as needed to examine the home we fell in love with. I must admit I was a bit nervous for Charlie when he was walking around on the 50 foot roof with his special shoes, however there was basically nothing that he was unwilling to examine inside or outside the property. We learned so much throughout the day. Charlie has such a great way of explaining things and never made me feel foolish for not having similar knowledge. I asked the poor guy so many questions I thought I may have worn him out but this was so not the case. Please feel free to reach out to me without hesitation for a recommendation. Today it is rare to find someone with such a high degree of integrity! We feel so passionate about this experience we want others to experience working with Charlie Collins as well.”
Jim & Dolores Carberry

“Hi Charles,
Just want to let you know that we have made the decision not to purchase the house on Crawford.  There were too many issues we did not want to take on. We so appreciate the good job you did and feel your findings prevented us from making a very expensive mistake. We will certainly plan on using your services when we find another place. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial, if you would like. Oh, our son in law who is in the building business in Russell Springs was very impressed with the thoroughness of your inspection and agrees we owe you a big thanks!”
Jeff & Debra

“Thank you for the professional home inspection. I can see why you are preferred!
Your appreciative client
Cindi Nave

“I am a first time home buyer, so you can imagine the many obstacles and hesitation I have had on this journey. Although this is one of the most exciting times of your life, I have been stressed to the max about making sure this is a good investment for myself. When it came to inspection time in this overall process, I began to panic because of all the bad things people would tell me about them. However, on the day of my inspection I received a friendly phone call from my inspector telling me he was at the house and wanted me to be there while he inspected. This really made me feel more comfortable knowing that he could show me what he saw. When I arrived I couldn’t have been greeted by a nicer man. Through the day he had me help with the inspection, broadened my vocabulary, and let me get hands on with all the elements of an inspection. Not only that, it was really fun learning things that will help me in the future with my home. My fiancé was shocked at how well I was explaining everything when he arrived. I really enjoyed that my inspector was an honest man and told me straight up if something needed to be fixed and helped me realize if this was a good investment for myself. For future references, there isn’t anyone else I would go to besides Preferred Property Inspections.”
Brittany Meece

“Thank You Charles. I received this e-mail just as I was arriving home from Nancy, Kentucky. You have been very helpful and I would recommend your service to any person I would encounter. Your inspection was thorough and you are very proficient in your field. Thank you once again.”
Rod Gibbons
North Bend, Ohio

“Mr. Collins with Preferred Property Inspections did a fantastic job in providing us with a thorough inspection of the home we were considering for purchase. He was extremely professional and did the inspection in a timely and efficient manner. He answered all our questions and gave detailed information on all areas of the report that he provided. We would highly recommend him for future inspections and will definitely use him again in the future! And we bought the house! :-)”
Dr. Don and Julie Richardson

“If you want to know the current health of a property and need a home inspection only one company is worth calling today “Preferred Property”. There is only one true professional inspector that I would highly recommend as part of your buying process. Charles Collins is the house doctor. His candid approach and complete inspection report with photos was critical because I was 166 miles away from our new second home. The best part was within 24 hours I had the complete report in my in-box. He pointed out safety issues and code violations that were Ok when the house was built in 1978, however did not meet today’s building codes. The house looked perfect and I considered not having an inspection because I was in the home inspection business with my family in 2005-2006. I called Charles and decided with his inspection experience, knowledge and dedication to the industry he earned my business and saved us thousands of dollars and even more important had several recommendations to bring the home up to current building and electrical standards which brought us peace of mind. One call, One number and One Home Inspector –
Charles Collins @ Preferred Property”

“Preferred Property inspections was an important part of our home buying experience. Mr. Collins performed detailed inspections on two properties for us, and provided outstanding service. He inspected a two hundred year old home and a modern home for me. He was well versed in inspecting both, and pointed out unique construction aspects of each. We received valuable information that allowed us to make informed buying decisions. I can’t emphasize enough how important having a thorough inspection is, and Mr. Collins will discuss your report in detail with you. I have the utmost respect for his skill and experience. I highly recommend retaining his services for your home inspection needs.”
Troy A Lodge

The purpose of this email is to notify you of a customer that contacted Better Business Bureau to let us know of a positive experience he/she had with your firm. To see the compliment that was submitted to our office, you may go to the following link:
We commend you for your commitment to customer service excellence. BBB works hard to raise the standards of business ethics in our community and together with the support of our 2900+ Accredited Businesses we are making a positive impact on the communities of Central & Eastern Kentucky.
Congratulations on a job well done!
Nicole Kingery
Director of Operations
Better Business Bureau of Central & Eastern KY
(859) 259-1008

“Hi Charles,
We just wanted you to know how much we appreciate the thorough inspection you did for us in May. Things were brought to our attention that helped with negotiations of buying the house and all actually worked out quite well. You also pointed out items that we wouldn’t have even thought of, and we will be using your report as our “checklist” for things to repair/replace. Your expertise and knowledge were apparent during the inspection and your attention to detail much appreciated. We would definitely recommend you to anyone for a house inspection.

Thanks again, take care
Lisa and Rick Grogg

We received your report. We appreciate your honesty, thoroughness and candor. My wife has said she never received such a complete report and we have bought several homes from Maryland to Vancouver.
Thank you and have a nice weekend and holiday.
If you have a chance, visit a vet, or a vet hospital or graveyard – for Memorial Day. It is the least I can ask of any citizen.”

Jerry Poulin
First Sergeant
United State Army, Retired
Lifetime member PVA; DVA

I wanted you to know how grateful I am for the detailed inspection you provided me today. I consider you to be one of those few individuals who still take pride in the work and service they provide.
I also appreciate you allowing me to tag along and learn while you performed the inspection! I appreciate ALL of the knowledge you so kindly offered and have already identified several structural and electrical issues that need to be fixed at my current house. All of this b/c of the knowledge I gained from your inspection :).

This was MONEY WELL SPENT!!!!!!
P.S. I can only hope more people find you and hire you. I’ve recommended you to several people already!!!”
Flip Maguire
“Hi, we just wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job inspecting the home we intend to buy. You were very thorough and pointed out things that we would never have even thought to look for. We couldn’t have asked for a better inspection. I would highly recommend you to anyone needing an inspection done and we will definatly use you for any future inspections we may need. Again, thank you so much! You did a super fantastic job!!!!”.
Cassie & Kurt

Once again a great report ! You are not a very friendly Realtor’s inspector, and as a buyer I appreciate and respect that. My only issue is the yard slope, which I can deal with. Please feel free to send this as a referral to any potential customers along with my Phone# and or e-mail address and I will be more than happy to talk to them”.

Mike Sweeney

“As a first time home buyer, I was not sure what to expect during the home inspection. After Charles led me through every accessible part of the house and explained not only what I was seeing but what I should and should not be seeing, I felt like I had just had an advanced course in home inspection. I am sure that I know that house at least as well as the people who built it and maybe better as I am sure there were people who only did certain parts. It was a slow process which I was glad of as we did not rush or skip any section. I would highly recommend PPI and if I buy another house in the area, I will have him do the inspection!”.
Norman L. Wash

“Hi Charles, I just wanted to thank you for your commendable work! I can tell by the detailed report that you looked over every inch of that home, and we so appreciate it, since we could not be there. It means alot to us. Purchashing a home out of state is a very scary thing and you were awesome, and answered every concern we had. Your the best!! My sister-in-law will be contacting you soon for her home inspection. Diane (Mike’s wife)”.
Mike and Diane Sweeney

“Charles, I have been meaning to get back to you, and I am sorry to be so late. My husband is traveling so it took a bit of time for us to go over this inspection report together. I wanted to let you know that we are impressed with your level of service and expertise in handling our new home inspection.
We appreciate your quick and thorough service. We feel quite confident that your inspection has revealed all the defects that are great and small so that we can address these issues with the current owner, and feel much safer in our new home after repairs are made.
Again, thanks very much”.
Sherry and Otto Jones

“If you ever need a home inspection done, I would highly recommend Charles Collins with Preferred Property Inspections. Charles was very meticulous and thorough with his inspection of the home we were purchasing. He looked at everything from bottom to top and prepared a comprehensive home inspection report within 24 hours of the inspection. I was impressed with his professionalism and conscientiousness. His report detailed everything that needed to be done to the home to bring it up to code, and prevent future water damage. My wife will use this report as her “honey-do” list once we get moved in! Thank you Charles”.
Michael Lick

“We are extremely happy with the inspection services performed on our vacation property purchase. Charles Collins was prompt, thorough and extremely professional. Deficiencies were well documented and explained in layman’s terms which put us at ease. We have no hesitation in recommending Preferred Property Inspections to anyone seeking a quality, full service home inspection”.
Versailles, KY

“I was very pleased with the house inspection Charles performed for me. He went from top to bottom of the house without rushing. He paid attention to every detail and explained EVERY issue found. He was even able to provide suggestions of how to make repairs. I am convinced that he found everything visible, knowing not everything can always be seen. He took the time to listen to my questions and provided me with honest answers. He also performed a radon test and made sure I understood the results. I would use Charles again and could recommend him without reservation”.
Thank you again for the test and inspection you performed.
Denny Walters
Somerset KY

“We had never bought a home before but we new how important it was to us to buy something that would be a good investment. Thanks to Charles we were able to understand what was good about the property and what needed to be fixed. We felt like his only clients. He took the time to not only inspect the property but explain the issues. He is a great home inspector and we would recommend him to anyone.”
Ambria and Nick Mullins

“Charles Collins and Preferred Property Inspections provide peace of mind. Buying a house, especially an older home, is a daunting task. I needed to know what I was up against, and didn’t want to be surprised after closing. Mr. Collins spent an entire day going through the house thoroughly documenting anything that might cause concern and then walked me through the house explaining everything. I was able to use his report to get several items addressed by the seller prior to closing. Now Mr. Collins’ report serves as a “to do list” for minor things that need to be addressed. I really appreciate the thorough and conscientious job Mr. Collins did. You can’t put a price on peace of mind.”
Gregory Giesler
Frankfort, KY

“I had Charles Collins inspect two homes for me. He is the most thorough inspector I have ever worked with. He has you accompany him and points out all the issues he finds from the roof to the crawl space. If I need someone to inspect a house that I am considering purchasing I will definitely ask him to do the inspection.”
Dan Luchtefeld

“Charles Collins is by far the most through home inspector I’ve ever used. I noticed his work first hand when he did a home inspection on my home for the party I was selling my home to. He was in our home all day long, leaving no stone unturned. When our house sold and we found a home that was major rehab that we wanted to buy, we knew who to call. Charles spent 10 hrs on a Saturday going though every inch of the 6,000 Sq Ft home with me. He followed up with a 57 page report with pictures, recommendations, and detailed all facets of the home. Bottom Line….. We had no surprises & we knew what we were buying.
When I rehabbed the house, the contractor used his report as a guide of what needed to be done. The contractor said he’s never seen such a detailed home inspection…..I said “Well, I’ve seen him in action twice, and when I want to buy another property, I know the first call I’ll Make!”
I strongly recommend PPI to anyone purchasing a piece of property.
Kevin Duffy

“It is with the utmost pleasure that I recommend Charles Collins with Preferred Property Inspections to anyone in need of the services that he provides. Charles is always professional, courteous, and prompt. In addition, he is very thorough in his work and is extremely knowledgeable. There are hardly any guarantees in this industry, but Charles comes with the highest recommendation and guarantee of nearly perfect service in my book!”
Have a positive and blessed day!
Ashley Estes Neat
Associate Broker
United Country –
Country Living Specialists
(877) 286-3140 Toll Free

“We have used Preferred Property Inspections for several residential housing purchases. We have found the inspections to be beneficial in assisting us with the decision process to purchase a house and additionally in identifying items that need attention after a purchase. The inspection reports are very detailed and provide excellent guidance on issues that must be addressed immediately as well as those you need to look at eventually.”
Kim Worley
The Adanta Group –

“Mr. Collins was very pleasant to work with. He was very thorough in his work and uncovered some issues that needed to be dealt with before we purchased our home. His tireless effort saved us money and headaches. His report was very detailed and easy to follow.”
Jason Craig (State Farm Insurance- Barbourville, KY)

“Charles Collins has done two home inspections for me–one for my son and one for myself. I have found him to be very thorough, very courteous, and very professional. He goes beyond what you would expect by researching materials, researching the literature,etc. I found him to be very knowledgeable and very helpful with advice. He would be my first choice in finding a home inspector. You may contact me at or 606-305-4163.”
Ben Alderdice

“Preferred Properties is the best home inspection company I have ever worked with. The detail and expertise provided was top notch. I would highly recommend Preferred Properties for all home inspection needs.”
Jason Butte

Thank you so much for home inspection you recently did for us. We appreciate your thoroughness and attention to detail. We are very glad we had this home inspection done and it’s makes us feel much more at ease about making the purchase of this home.
Thanks again,
Michael & Kara Phelps

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